2、如果您的孩子准备参加GCSE或A level的考试,我们需要知道孩子学校所在的考试机构以及他所学的课程情况。






What our clients say:

  • Having worked with Osborne Cawkwell for a number of years I recommend them without hesitation to my clients as are they are able to source excellent tutors who can prepare my candidates for some of the top UK schools. Language or subject tuition for pupils and even their parents is an invaluable resource to help to them to achieve their full potential. One international family stated that their son held little enthusiasm for learning English until an Osborne Cawkwell tutor was able to tailor a programme for him. Osborne Cawkwell have proven responsive to clients’ needs and my continued recommendation of them comes from the results their tutors achieve.
    Richard Northey
  • We started working with OC over 5 years ago. Having contacted every tutoring agency mentioned in the Good Schools Guide with identical enquiries a couple of times, we have found the OC way of working to be the most customer friendly, the admin processes the most efficient, and most importantly the tutors on their books to get the most positive feedback of the tutees. At that point we made a decision to carry on working solely with OC and have not since needed to turn to any other tutorial agencies in London. Several thousands emails later between us and OC, we are still one very happy customer.
    Maria Amenitskaya
  • We have been working with O-C for many years and they are the first people we call for assistance with tutoring. Not only do they have an extensive pool of highly competent and qualified tutors, in all subjects for all ages, but have a highly efficient and professional management and administrative team. Our students continue to benefit from tutoring from O-C and we look forward to working with them more in the future.
    Dr Lewis Owens
  • Our experiences with Osborne Cawkwell have been seriously impressive on all levels. We could not have managed our situation without their expert help. When our daughter came home from boarding school mid-term, diagnosed with anorexia, not only did we face an emotionally challenging time but also a huge void in our daughter’s schooling. In despair we rang Lucy and within 36 hours we had a full programme of home schooling, covering all ten subjects for our daughter’s impending mock GCSE exams. The quality and charm of the tutors was the best we could possibly have hoped for. The standard of teaching was matched by the care and understanding, by every single tutor, towards our daughter’s mental illness. Rather than dreading the 2-hour sessions, our daughter positively looked forward to seeing the tutors. The speed with which each tutor picked up our daughter’s curriculum was incredible. They quickly worked out how they could best help her, and her results speak for themselves … more A and A stars than we imagined possible given this sudden switch to home schooling. The Osborne Cawkwell experience could not have been better. We have already recommended them to many of our friends. They are fantastic!
    Mr and Mrs T.
  • Osborne Cawkwell Ltd has been very useful to our family. It is a company which sources tutors to help students on a one-off or long-term basis. ‘Mum, I don’t understand Physics this term’ or ‘Mum, I’m worried about Latin grammar…’ can be sorted out quickly and easily. Invaluable for a busy mum with lots of kids. My contact there goes out of her way to fit tutor to pupil and manage complicated timetables. The tutors have been excellent and are well-liked and respected by my boys who now ask for them by name if they have a difficulty in an area. They really are super: motivating, clever, focussed and charming.
    Mrs C. T.
  • Thank you also for looking after us so well over the years with our various requests – I can certainly heartily recommend OC to my friends!
    Mrs S. M.